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About Tourplus

Personalise Your Travel Experiences

Tourplus is an online marketplace for travelers to plan without needing to worry about security and language barrier as our local guides are available. Tourplus provides certified driver guides and customizable itineraries that are reviewed by other travelers around the world.

Our Mission

Tourplus helps travelers connect directly to a local guide by booking through our website and mobile app and allow local guides to earn using mobile app to ease on managing tour. Our products include unique day tours, airport transfers, customised tours, and ticketing for attraction points.

Our Promises

  • Experience a unique and personalised experience in Malaysia with Tourplus!

  • Certified local driver guides

  • Supports advanced booking

  • Free travel insurance coverage

  • Accredited by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia

Tourplus Story

Tourplus began in 2014 when Rickson met Kyle during a trip to California. Kyle hosted and showed Rickson around San Francisco like a local, eliminating Rickson's hassle of researching and sieving through online scattered information and reviews. Thus - the birth of Tourplus, to help solve problems in travel.

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